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  1. java - How can I get the latest JRE / JDK as a zip file rather than EXE or MSI installer? - Stack Overflow

    • You are trying to download the Java SE Development Kit, not the Java EE Development Kit. For Java SE JDK, Just unzip the tools.zip file to a JAVA_HOME folder.
    • Works even for jdk8 as well. You made my day.


  2. Portable Java 8 JDK on Windows | Daniel Ferbers Technical Tavern

    • Prerequisite: Install 7-Zip file archiver (or its portable alternative). Download the Java 8 SDK for Windows from Oracle. You will get a file named like jdk-8u101-windows-x64.exe. Open the downloaded file with 7-Zip, which will show a a list of files and folders.


  3. How to decompress files from a ZIP file

    • sorry, why it download only one file folder? there are more inside my file zip….
    • I want to process (read) all log files. My issues is that my loop doesn’t know how to deal with an embedded zip file. I’l using java zipfile routines.


  4. Java example to compress files into a ZIP file

    • param zipFile output ZIP file location */. public void zipIt(String zipFile){.
    • I have done downloading for single file. But i am not able to allow user to download all file at a single click Please Help me
    • You can use Java mail to create an e-mail, attach that zip file and send it to that designated address.


  5. How to download file from website- Java / Jsp

    • Here i show a simple java example to demonstrate how to let user download a file from website. No matter you are using struts , JSP, Spring or whatever other java framework, the logic is same.


  6. Java Antidecompiler 8.5 - NetBeans Plugin detail | Download size: 1.59 MB

    • Verified module is .zip, extracting the contained file to the download folder: 3839_com.bisguard.java.antidecompiler.netbeans_8.1.0.jar.


  7. download zip file using java? - Stack Overflow

    • I am downloading zip file from web server using Java but somehow I am loosing about 2kb in each file. I don't know why since same code works fine with other formats, e.g, text, mp3 and extra. any help is appreciated? here is my code.


  8. How to Create Password Protected Zip Files in Java

    • Java 8. Interview Questions.
    • To download the Zip4j library, go to its zip4j download page and download it’s latest version (zip4j_1.3.2.jar till today). Add zip4j.jar file into your project’s classpath.


  9. How do I add the Java API documentation to Eclipse? - Stack Overflow

    • I have downloaded Java API documentation from http
    • No "src.zip" files necessary. My trials and tribulations in the process involved finding the CORRECT JavaDoc to point at. Pointing a Java 1.7 project at Java 8 Javadoc does NOT work.


  10. server - Some jar files count as .zip? - Ask Ubuntu

    • doesn't allow me to use that jar file, same goes for jar files I download please help.
    • I want to know how to fix my jar files because they are acting like .zip files even though I have java 8 and i can't select java in the properties – THEGamingninja Feb 10 '16 at 1:10.