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  1. Mountain Lion Attacking a Deer in Divide, Colorado 8/8/08 - YouTube

    A mountain lion killing a deer, filmed on the morning of Aug. 8, 2008 in Divide, Colorado.


  2. Cougar Attack !!! MuleyCrazy 6: Trophy Mule Deer Overdose - YouTube

    Here is some absolutely stunning footage of a mountain lion taking down a buck.


  3. Trail-cam footage shows mountain lion attacking deer | NOLA.com

    • An avid deer hunter, Spade regularly captures big mountain lions on video, as well as bears and an assortment of wildlife, but he
    • Though it encourages residents to be cautious around the animals, the agency says there have been only six fatal mountain-lion attacks on humans in the state since 1890.


  4. Tips to avoid a mountain lion attack in Colorado | Sportsmen have a saying: if you have deer you have lions. You may never see a lion but they are watching you.

    • Mountain lions are generally calm, quiet and elusive. They tend to live in remote, primitive country with plentiful deer and adequate cover.
    • The topic was spotlighted after some recent lion attacks on pets.


  5. Rare Vintage Footage: Mountain Lion Attacks Deer - YouTube

    This vintage footage comes from the California Department of Fish and Game archives. It shows a rare encounter between a mountain lion and mule deer.


  6. Striking Video of a Mountain Lion Attacking a Mule Deer Buck

    In Texas, hogs are a serious problem. That's why hog hunting can be done by just about any means necessary, like while driving a Jeep.


  7. Watch a Cougar Take Down a Deer in Rare Video | Rare Video: Mountain Lion Pounces on Deer

    • Spade, who is from Whitmore, California, had been monitoring trail camera footage on a family friend’s ranch near Whiskeytown Lake in his home state for about five years when he was finally able to snag an extremely rare video of a mountain lion attacking a deer and dragging it away.


  8. LiveLeak.com - Mountain Lion Attacking a Deer

    • Warning - Item Mountain Lion Attacking a Deer might contain content that is not suitable for all ages. By clicking on CONTINUE you confirm that you are 18 years and over.
    • Mountain Lion Attacking a Deer in Divide, Colorado.


  9. Mountain Lion Takes Down Mature 160 Class Mule Deer - YouTube

    • LION vs BABOON REAL FIGHT | LION ATTACK BABOON EXCLUSIVE 2016 - Продолжительность: 10:11 Paula Maftei 33 782 566 просмотров.
    • Deer kills Deer on Arizona Strip - Продолжительность: 5:07 muleybull 530 170 просмотров.


  10. Mountain Lion Kills Deer On Home Porch - YouTube

    • Mountain Lion attacks deer - Duration: 1:14.
    • Utah Mountain Lion Attacks and Kills Deer - Duration: 1:42. Ben Boore 2,512 views.